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Juli Lynch - Co-founder and Facilitator of Workshops for Epala
How your personality influences your relationship with your horse

The Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship

Horses have an uncanny ability to bring out the personality in humans. They can elicit from us who we truly are - controlling, accommodating, spoiling or risk-taking. Whether they are standing on our foot while we halter them, jumping a fence, cutting a cow or fidgeting while we try to fly spray their legs - they behave - we respond and our response reveals who we are. This book will help you explore how your personality impacts and influences your relationship with the horses in your life. Juli Lynch, Ph.D has constructed a system of identifying human personality in relationship to horses. The exciting news is that personality is not fixed. Therefore, if you realize that your current personality is not working for the outcomes you desire with your horse you can work to change it. And horses - because of their honesty will respond immediately to those changes. They can become our most treasured teachers in learning about ourselves.

Juli Lynch, Ph.D is an accomplished equestrian, riding instructor, author, public speaker, psychologist and former professional athlete who has raced horses across Argentina and Australia with a team of U.S. Navy SEALS. Juli is founder of Epala® an equine facilitated personal and professional development organization. She is an Advanced Approved Epona Instructor and conducts "Personality of Horsemanship" workshops at her farm in Northern Wisconsin and around the world.

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NEW E-Book!

Spiritual Adventures with Horse

In this e-book filled with true tales and useful tools to uplift your journey with horse you will discover how this group of authors including Epala's Juli Lynch, Ph.D have been touched by the heart and soul of horses. At the end of each chapter is an exercise you can begin to incorporate into your life with horses in order to deepen your connection at a heart level and see horse as portals to your own soul discovery.

Filled with True Tales & Tools to uplift your journey with horse, this e-book will take you on a thrilling ride with the heart & soul of horse to discover your Most Magnificent Self. Plus, you'll discover handy ideas to expand your relationship with horse.

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Juli Lynch - Co-founder and Facilitator of Workshops for Epala
A book that will touch your HEART and AWAKEN your SPIRIT

HORSE as TEACHER - The Path to Relationship

Juli Lynch, Ph.D , a lifelong horsewoman, has contributed to this incredible collection of horse stories. Whether you have horses or not….you will find all the magic and majesty of horses in the stories and lessons they have to teach us about life, love and friendship. www.horsesasteacher.com

If someone had told me a year ago that my story of the archetypes of horsemanship would be included in a book of short stories about horses and our path to relationship with them - I would have laughed and said, "I don't have time to write." But here it is. I've been able to contribute to this beautiful collection of stories of humans on their path to creating meaningful relationships with horses.

Horse as Teacher / Horse as Healer

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