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Why Horses?

EpalaEpala® inspired by the Epona Approach teaches that horses are prey animals. Their highly developed ability to detect the subtleties of human behavior such as emotion, intention and predatory tendencies makes them ideal teachers. Humans have, for many reasons, abandoned this more instinctual - emotional way of being for a more rational, cognitive one.

This may seem appropriate in a world that favors logic over instinct and information over intuition yet many humans will look at their lives - both professional and personal and say, "Something is missing." Often what is missing is that connection to a more authentic way of being - a more emotionally instinctually intelligent way of being in the world.


EpalaHorses live in the moment. As herd animals they are highly social and highly curious. Their language is one of images and instincts while our language is one of words and logic. Those who have successfully forged the horse to human bond have done so by understanding and applying this unspoken language - the language of the heart.

Ironically the greatest human to human bonds also utilize the language of the heart - the nonverbal, emotional, intuitive and deeply connecting language of authenticity. Great leaders, phenomenal coaches, lifelong relationships all speak this language. Horses are now being recognized as teachers in helping us to learn to live more authentically human to human.


EpalaOur MISSION at Epala® is to facilitate the development of partnerships between humans and horses where boundaries are mutually respected and emotions are understood as the language of connection and interaction. Our intention is to teach humans about reconnecting with their deepest intuition in order to be better leaders and better partners in personal and professional relationships and we invite horse to be our teachers.



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